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ATP Mens Tennis Database

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🎾About Our Site (English)🎾
This site provides information of Tennis ATP Tour men's singles information from various perspectives.
For examples, like "Head to Head results" and "Grand Slam Winned Times Ranking" and so on.
Please help yourself with the functions which matches the information you are looking for !

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Function ID
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Function Name Category
TENHTOHQ Head To Head Query Screen Win-Loss
In this screen, we can give the name of 2 players and query the Head to Head results of them. この画面ではユーザーが指定した2選手の対戦成績を見ることができます。
TENRACHQ Ranking Change View Screen Ranking
In this screen, we can give the name of player and check the ranking change through his carreer. この画面では指定した選手のランキングの推移を見る事ができます。
TENGSWIN Grand Slam Win Times Ranking Screen Ranking
In this screen, we display the ranking of Grand Slam titles numbers in the whole tennis history. この画面ではグランドスラムの優勝回数のランキングを表示します
TENSURCN Court Surface Type Count Screen Court Surface
In this screen, we display the number and name of ATP tournaments held per surface in each year. この画面では年度別・サーフェス別にトーナメントの開催数・トーナメント名を表示します
TENSURCN Service Ace Ranking Result Screen Service Ace
In this screen, we display the ranking of service aces for the term(tournament year) given by the user. この画面では指定した年度のサービスエース数のランキングを表示します